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16                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

Paris and killed it in the Rue Royale, Place
Louis XV,

2oth. Went to see the Queen hunt roebuck in
the Bois de Boulogne; a heavenly day and gay
sight; innumerable horsemen, whiskeys and ca-
leches, but no sport.

I visited the Countess dj Albania, relict of the
Pretender, and was Introduced to her by d'Han-

April 2nd. Rode toward Poissy. There is a
beautiful point of view up and down the river, from
a hill beyond it. The ruined tower of Belmont has
a fine prospect. It is a charming tract of country.
On returning I overtook Madame dy Osmond, be-
wildered in the forest, where her coach had stuck
fast in the sand as she was coming to spend a week
with us at MeniL

The Archbishop of Narbonne (Dillon) was con-
versing with the Controleur-G6n6ral, Calonne, on
the deficit in the finances, which is now the great
subject of discourse and surmises, and he expressed
a desire to know when and how this deficit was to
be prevented for the future. Calonne, very cross at
being pressed on this subject, said he could not tell,
but that it was no such mighty matter if the King
remained in debt a few years longer, "for who is
there that is not in debt ?" said he; " there is